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About Us

Blue Vertex Limited is an independent business research and advisory company with the vision to upscale the growth and productivity of corporations. The concept of ‘vertex’ is derived from geometry in which ‘vertex’ can mean the point of intersection of two or more lines. The idea of intersection speaks to our intent to collaborate with different stakeholders to create value. ‘Blue’ speaks to our quest for reaching to the sky. Thus, we collaborate for growth and improved productivity.


Our Services


Research & Advisory

We engage disciplined and rigorous approach in analysing economic, business and financial data to provide insights and forecasts that guide business decisions.


Financial Consulting

We leverage our research capability to provide tools and consultative services that deliver practical solutions to diverse business needs, with emphasis on the execution required for turning plans into actions.
Some of our services include, but not limited to, Financial Planning & Modelling, Balance Sheet Restructuring, SME Advisory, Investor Relations, among others.


Capital Solutions

Our Capital Solutions address diverse capital-related issues of companies that range from strategic capital planning to capital raising, and divestments, among others. We also provide independent opinion to investors with a view to facilitate decisions for maximizing investment returns.


People Solutions

Through our carefully crafted People Solutions, we engage in activities that develop and deploy the human capacity required for successful teams, projects, and corporations. We are poised to work with clients to plan and deliver the Human Resource aspect of projects and businesses at large.

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